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Advocate facilitates monthly meetings between young people and their local politicians, helping to ensure they can capture and represent the opinions of young people in their electorate.

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Started in 2017, through regular meetings with their local elected representative, Advocate aims to get young people involved and interested in politics.

  • Advocate helps to empower young people to have a voice in their community
  • Advocate helps to facilitate regular quarterly meetings with young people and their local politicians
  • Advocate provides real political education and engagement

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Advocate exists to promote direct dialogue between young people aged 18-30 and their local politician over a year period. The opportunity is available every 6 months, which ensures that more young people are able to participate.


Advocate directly counters the argument that young people are disengaged. The quarterly meetings provide young people with an opportunity to engage with and learn more about the role of politicians. Participating politicians are able to directly engage with the opinions of young people in their community on relevant issues.

Issues Focused

Advocate operates to discuss issues relevant to young people in each electorate. It currently operates in the ACT, with plans to expand to other states and territories.

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